Here you can see some of the writing I’ve done over the past few years. As a byproduct, I have an Erdős Number1 of 4. I also maintain a [blog] with a few other things. I have a few LaTeX [templates] that I tinker with frequently to do this writing.


  • [JGT 2024]: “Classifying Primitive Solvable Permutation Groups of Rank 5 and 6” by Anakin Dey, Kolton O’Neal, Duc Van Khanh Tran, Camron Upshur, & Yong Yang
  • Submitted 2023: “Optimizing a Model-Agnostic Measure of Graph Counterdeceptiveness via Reattachment” by Anakin Dey, Sam Ruggerio, & Melkior Ornik
  • [IEEE ISC2 2022]: “Post-Disaster Repair Crew Assignment Optimization Using Minimum Latency” by Anakin Dey & Melkior Ornik


  1. Me -> Yong Yang -> Christine Bessenrodt -> Antal Balog -> Paul Erdős ↩︎